Haag-Streit Octopus 300

Haag-Streit Octopus 300

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The Octopus 300 is the compact perimeter for every glaucoma practice. It even fits in a corner and produces accurate results without a dark room.

  • The Glaucoma Perimeter: Standard Perimetry, SWAP and Flicker testing
  • Fastest Test Strategy: Full threshold examination within 2:30 minutes
  • Reliability: True fixation control and automated Eye Tracking
  • Networkability: Ethernet connection and EMR interface

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Fast and accurate with reproducible data, the 300 PRO Perimeter is perfect for any clinical setting.

  • 100% eye fixation control — no fixation = no stimulus.
  • Diagnostic programs with test stages prioritising the most crucial field areas.
  • With the unique Eye Tracking feature (option), the perimeter follows eye movements automatically.
  • Fast software for significantly shorter examinations avoid errors caused by patient and retinal fatigue.
  • Continuous measurement of the pupil size allowing accurate assessment and comparison of data.

Speed and Ease of Use

  • The free rotating examination unit permits fits in tight spaces and works in ambient light
  • Simple operation on a color input screen guided by a dialog in any language.
  • Full threshold examination takes less than than 2:30″ with optional TOP test strategy.
  • Electronic eye fixation adjustment without disturbing the patient.
  • The clear Seven-in-One print-out presents comprehensive data needed for patient assessment.
  • Statistical data is presented in real-time on screen.
  • Test procedure can be interrupted at any time and continued later without losing data.