SciCan Statim BRAVO Chamber Autoclave Sterilizer

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The ULTIMATE Statim Companion…………….The Bravo is a fractionated vacuum sterilizer that incorporates both pre-vac (to remove air) and post-vac (to help drying) cycles to ensure perfect steam penetration for any load. Bravo is true to the STATIM reputation for speed, providing rapid cycles for unwrapped instruments.


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Dri-TecV – Vacuum drying technology
The SciCan Dri-TecV drying system provides a perfectly dry load every time. In addition, Bravo’s large capacity allows the office to quickly process three wrapped full-size cassettes or up to fifteen pouches.

Unlike many other simple chamber autoclaves, the Bravo uses only fresh distilled water for every cycle. The unit has been designed for the option to pull clean distilled water from a container as far as six feet away and then push the used water directly to the drain, freeing up valuable time for your staff.

The Bravo comes in three models to suit the most far ranging requirements. The table below outlines the difference between the units and differences in loads and cycles times.

Bravo benefits

  • Fast cycle times
  • Fractionated vacuum system
  • Closed door drying with Dri-TecV technology
  • Single use Pull’n Push water system
  • Easy to use – single button operation
  • Conforms to international and national standards
  • Integrated printer option
  • Patented door locking mechanism and steam generation system
  • 17 or 21L chamber capacity
  • 120V or 220V options